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Smiling characterWoods Creek Montessori is a state licensed, non-profit cooperative school for children twelve months to ten years. It is staffed with teachers who assist each child’s growth of body, mind, and spirit in a stimulating, nurturing environment. At WCM, involved parents, staff and community members work together to foster love of learning, independence and self-confidence in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Click here to learn more about our teaching philosophy.

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2014-2015 Honor Roll of Contributors

$200 and above
Nadia Ayoub and Charles Winder (John Francis and Thomas Ayoub-Winder)
Beth Belmont and Matt Tuchler
Bob and Whitney Caldwell (Isabel Tubb)
John and Lauren Jensen (Grace and Jack Jensen)
Andrea Lepage and Chris McGrath (Maeve and Fintan McGrath)
Nolan and Hope Nicely (Asher and Nolan Nicely)
Seth Michelson and Vicki Conti (Joaquin Michelson)
Jeffrey Rahl and Tiffany Pempek (Theo and Edison Rahl)
Caroline and Chris Russell

Neel and Martha Ackerman (Trey Rhamey)
Bradley and Keri-Lyn Coleman (Landon Coleman)
Jean and Peter Cook (Theo Goodhart)
The Fox Family (Gibson Fox)
Fox Grandparents (Gibson Fox)
Helen and Rob Fure (Robbie Fure)
Freddie and Vicki Goodhart (Theo Goodhart)
John and Lillian Gregory (Jamie Michelmore)
John and Becky Hartsock (Colton Hartsock)
Jim and Michele Hentz
Rebecca and John Jensen (Grace and Jack Jensen)
Jessie Knadler (June Wilson)
Steve and Annie Knepper (Katie-Ann Knepper)
Andy and Jessica Marcom (Aubrey Hyde Marcom)
Ninnie (Charlie and Sam Smith)
Bill and Karen O’Brien (Davis O’Brien)
Brooke and Brendan O’Brien (Davis O’Brien)
Dr. James P. Rafferty (Hallum Rawls)
James and Nathalie Scribner (Maeve and Fintan McGrath)
Judith and Alex Shester (Graham Shester)
The Stands Family (Evan and Rachel Lanier)
David and Kim Stearns (Grace and Jack Jensen)
Jeff Whitten (Jonathan Whitten)
Billy and Karen Wright (Alice Sigler)

Up to $99
Evan and Buddy Atkins (Walker Sackett)
Antoine and Frances Ayoub (John Francis and Thomas Ayoub-Winder)
David L. & Linda M. Boyd (Asher Bowden)
Don and Cheryl Crawford (Foster Pickett)
Dr. Jon and ShirLee Detwiler (Langdon and Penn Detwiler)
Stephan and Angie Fafatas (Zoe Evelyn Fafatas)
Jim Goodwin
Jonathan and Jenny Hartsock (Colton Hartsock)
James and Darlene Keane (Ru Bucy)
Kevin Kendall
Ladles & Linens
Melissa and John Leonard (Seth Pingel)
Wanda and Alan Livingston (Graham Shester)
Steve and Karen Margolis (Hazel Phelps)
John McIntyre (Emerson Keyser)
Maria Nava and Jon Eastwood (Alex Eastwood)
John and Karen Niebur (Liesl Niebur)
Nonny and Gregg (Ru Bucy)
Bob and Jeneva Pickett (Foster Pickett)
Mary and Rick Rohas (Langdon and Penn Detwiler)
Drewry and Christopher Sackett (Walker Sackett)
John and Sallie Sebrell (Celie Holmes)
David and Haley Sigler (Alice Sigler)
John and Irene Sigler (Alice Sigler)
The Slabaughs (Isabel Tubb)
Nana and Grampy Smith (Ruthie Smith)
Ted Walberg (Conner Williams)
Grandma and Grandpa Whitehead (Azalea Whitehead)
Jack and Gale Wilson (June Wilson)

Thank you to everyone who contributed!

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