Director’s Parent Letter: Week Ending with October 24th

Dear Parents:

Learning is alive at Woods Creek Montessori! Students are now settled into their classroom routines and are choosing a variety of educational materials which foster a true love of learning.

This Friday, our school will be celebrating Halloween. You are welcome to send your child to school in costume that day, though please be sure that your child’s costume is not too scary and does not involve a mask or weapons.

Please save the date on Saturday, April 11th from 4 to 7 pm for our Art Auction at Kendal Hall. If you have any contacts to an artist (or jeweler or other craftsperson) who may be willing to donate proceeds in part or in full from the sale of their artwork, please let me know. Many thanks to parent Sarah Hughes who has volunteered to chair our Art Auction this year.

We are grateful to the many parents who already have helped our school in countless ways from our volunteer work day to contributions of soup for the teachers, and many other ways. All families are asked to contribute 6 hours of volunteer time per semester. Don’t forget to keep track of your volunteer hours and email them to Misty in the school office by December 15th so you are not billed for uncontributed hours.

Important Dates:

  • October 31: Halloween
  • November 4: Tie Dye Shirts at WCM: Please be sure to dress your children in clothing that you don’t mind getting stained!
  • November 6: 12:15 closing: If you need care beyond 12:15 this day, please complete form with Misty in the office.
  • November 7: School closed
  • November 9: Board planning retreat
  • November 25: 12:15 closing: If you need care beyond 12:15 this day, please complete form with Misty in the office.
  • November 26-28: Thanksgiving Break – no school.

Please do not hesitate to call me any time at school or on my cell phone (540) 416-3693 if you have any questions or concerns.

Many thanks for your support,

Caroline Russell
Interim Director, Woods Creek Montessori

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