Director’s Parent Letter: Week Ending with January 16th

Dear Parents:

At WCM we look for inspiration from many sources. I hope our families are finding pleasant ways to enjoy this welcome pause from winter and an extended weekend in honor of Dr. King and the inspiration of his legacy.

Registration for our extra care days on Monday January 19 and Tuesday January 20 has now closed. For those children who are registered to come to school either day, we would be grateful if you would pack snacks for your children as we will not be providing our regular morning snack. We also wanted to remind you that there is no early drop off on Monday and Tuesday.

Over the next few weeks, your children will be creating a special Valentine art project to send to their grandparents along with a request to support our Playground Renovation Project. We plan to send your child’s Valentine to the grandparents listed on your child’s emergency form. If you do not want us to send this Valentine to grandparents on your emergency form, or you would like to send the Valentine to additional grandparents not listed on the form, please let us know.

We are in the process of sending your 2014 year-end tuition statements for tax purposes. These statements will include our Federal ID#.

Volunteer Projects

We have a new electronic sign up system for volunteer projects at our school. Please visit the following link to see available volunteer projects: (click on the green tab on right that says Sign Up for Volunteer Opportunities).

Important Dates

  • January 19th: MLK Holiday (No school unless registered)
  • January 20th: Teacher Work Day (No school unless registered)
  • January 20th: 8 pm Board Meeting
  • January 29th: 6 pm Potty Training Workshop
  • February 16: President’s Day (No school unless registered)

Kind Regards,

Caroline Russell
Interim Director
Woods Creek Montessori

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