Begin early

Woods Creek Montessori offers five main groups of classes; Pre-toddlertoddlerprimaryprimary 2 and kindergarten. In addition WCM hosts after school and summer programs.

Enter our classrooms and you will find yourself in an environment prepared especially for children. You will notice the tables and chairs are built to fit children from twelve months through eight years. You will see open and accessible shelves that hold a stunning array of Montessori materials and developmentally age-appropriate activities designed to capture the child’s imagination and to nurture the child’s joy of learning.

You will observe children moving about the classroom with a sense of purpose, independently choosing appropriate work to do by themselves, or perhaps with a friend or two. You will notice that even the Pre-Toddler room has been designed to invite the child to move about and explore a variety of activities in a warm, welcoming and safe environment.

The Montessori teacher quietly circulates among the children, presenting a lesson to a small group of children here, guiding a child in her work there, remaining always aware of the happenings in the classroom, always ready to meet the needs of the children. The assisting staff fills an integral and invaluable role in the classroom scheme, and is a constant support to the teacher and the children in the class.

The Montessori classroom is a busy place, vital and alive. It is a place where learning is dynamic and on-going. The materials and activities of each area in the Montessori curriculum are combined and integrated into each child’s daily experience. These lessons are offered to the children as they are ready to learn them, and assist the children in their understanding about themselves, the world and their place in it and about what they can contribute to it.