From the time a child is born, 

each one is considered a truly unique and special individual, respected as a valuable human being. Our work as the adults in each child’s life is to provide love, care and guidance every step along the way of life. The purpose of the Montessori Pre-Toddler program is to give these very young children the best environment in which to grow.

We believe a child can thrive only if he feels safe and comfortable with the people in that environment. That sense of security is a matter of trust, a trust that develops as a child experiences his needs being met with appropriate, timely and joyful responses. Feeding, cuddling, diapering and playing allow wonderful opportunities for the children and teachers to interact and to create a loving connection between them. That bond will become a great source of comfort and delight to the children and adults alike.

As in every Montessori program, the classroom environment is designed especially for the children it will serve. The teachers have been chosen because of their experience and natural ability and desire to work with children between the ages of twelve weeks and two years old. They are keenly aware of the needs and interests of these young children, and they want nothing more than to assist them in their development. Being mindful that this may be a significant time of separation from Mom and Dad, the staff is especially careful to give the child a sense of belonging and comfort.

The classroom is a cheerful room, a warm and welcoming place. While the pre-toddlers share the environment, providing a family-like atmosphere, each group has a space outfitted to meet their particular developmental stages. Each aspect of the room-the arrangement of furniture (appropriately-sized tables and chairs, shelves, and cots), the selection of toys and materials, the activity spaces designed to encourage freedom of movement and exploration as well as the development of large and small muscles-have been planned to reflect and meet the needs of the children.

A child’s day in the Pre-Toddler program is much like a day at home-full of care, conversation, play time, rest time and lots of love. Each day is a day of growing, learning and individual steps along the way to becoming the person he or she is meant to be.