2017-2018 Honor Roll of Benefactors

Patron Level – $250 to $999
Mary Abdoney and Ned Norland (Emmett Norland)
Martha and Neel Ackerman (Cosette Rhamey)
Dana Slusher Anfin (Eli Whipple)
Nadia Ayoub and Charles Winder (Thomas and John Francis Ayoub-Winder)
Melissa Clarke (Nora Ingersoll)
Wendy and Jeff Diamond (Davis and Grant O’Brien)
Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl
Michael and Lori Green (Nellie Green)
Travis and Debbie Harrison (Austin Harrison)
Daniel and Margaret Anne Hinkle (Lochlin Hinkle)
Carol Ingersoll (Nora Ingersoll)
Daniel and Catharine Ingersoll (Nora Ingersoll)
Duff and Gram Johnson (McMillan Johnson)
Gordon and Susan Park (Benton and Wesley Kozak)
Raetz & Hawkins, PC
Judy and Dal Reid (Sloane Reid)
Caroline and Chris Russell
Sarah Straw and Mark Barnhart (Vera Barnhart)
Tante (McMillan Johnson)
Donna and Rodney Walker (Lily Earls)

Sponsor Level – $100 to $249
Bill and Jane Bauer (Ella and Anna Erickson)
Janice and Mike Bissell (Lawson Bissell)
Kara and Tim Braddick (Hadley Braddick)
David and Alison Detwiler (Penn Detwiler)
Dr. Jon and ShirLee Detwiler (Penn Detwiler)
Tom and Joelle Floren (Anders and Olin Johnson)
Gran and Grandpa Fox (Gibson and Sawyer Fox)
Dr. A.B. Hammond, PC
George and Virginia Haskett (Arlo Haskett)
Jan Kaufman and Art Goldsmith
William and Kathleen Kozak (Benton and Wesley Kozak)
Julia M. Kozak
Lexington Eye Care – Dr. Helen Fure
Brooke and Brendan O’Brien (Davis and Grant O’Brien)
Pronto Caffe
Tulley and Greg Raetz
Mary and Rick Rohas (Penn Detwiler)
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Russell
Grampy and MeeMa Shapiro (Arlo Haskett)
Irene and John Sigler (Alice Sigler)
Drs. William and Janet Townsend (Sloane Reid)
The Williams family (Conner and Kate Williams)
Maggie Wooldridge (Jax Roper)

Friend – up to $99
Anonymous Donor
Nuriyah Adams (Auggie Adams)
Dick and Kathy Braddick (Hadley Braddick)
Julie Brown and David Toomey (Aiden Toomey)
Marlene and Rick Erickson (Ella and Anna Erickson)
Sarah and Jon Erickson (Ella and Anna Erickson)
Seth and Jen Goodhart (Theo Goodhart)
Pamela and James Goodwin (Finn Goodwin)
Amanda and Kevin Green (Nellie Green)
Paul Gregory and Molly Michelmore (Jamie Michelmore)
James and Angela Guida (Mason Perry)
Stephanie and Dan Johnson (Anders Johnson)
Steve and Annie Knepper (Katie Ann Knepper)
Wanda and Alan Livingston (Margaret Shester)
Jeffrey Rahl and Tiffany Pempek (Theo and Edison Rahl)
Jess and Colin Reid (Sloane Reid)
Judith and Alex Shester (Margaret Shester)
Katie and Blake Shester (Margaret Shester)
Haley and David Sigler (Alice Sigler)
Ted Walberg (Conner and Kate Williams)
Bill and Karen Wright (Alice Sigler)