2020-2021 Honor Roll of Benefactors

Benefactor Level – $1,000+

Julie Brown and David Toomey (Aiden Toomey)

The Eichholz Family Charitable Fund (Nina Eichholz)

Michael and Lori Green Charitable Gift Fund (Nellie and Cyrus Green)

Vera Heuer and Brent Hierman (Rose Hierman)

Gordon and Susan Park (Wesley Kozak)

Greg and Elizabeth Raetz (Lawson and Ford Bissell)

Patron Level – $250 to $999

Mary Abdoney and Ned Norland (Emmett Norland)

Martha and Neel Ackerman (Calvin Rhamey)

Megging and Collin Bissell (Lawson and Ford Bissell)

Kara and Tim Braddick (Hadley and Jay Braddick)

Melissa Clarke (Alice Ingersoll)

Claibourne and Michael Edwards (Annie Beau Edwards)

Jan Kaufman and Art Goldsmith

Amanda and Kevin Green (Nellie and Cyrus Green)

Travis and Debbie Harrison (Austin and Connor Harrison)

The Pempek/Rahl Family (Henry Rahl)

Linda and Jim Robinson (Nico Cantey)

Meghan and David Ryan (Anna and Danny Ryan)

Goosie and Grandiddy Strickler (Nellie and Cyrus Green)

Sterling and Ann Wright (Arthur Swinson)

Sponsor Level – $100 to $249

Bill and Jane Bauer (Ella and Anna Erickson)

Janice Bissell (Lawson and Ford Bissell)

Richard and Kathleen Braddick (Hadley and Jay Braddick)

Stephen and Linda Brown (Aiden Toomey)

Jim and Toni Brown (Annie Beau Edwards)

Seth Cantey and Annie Robinson (Nico Cantey)

Linda and Gary Franke (Hadley and Jay Braddick)

Marianne and Michael Gick (Anna and Danny Ryan)

Brittany and Dan Harrison (Austin and Connor Harrison)

Melissa Hemphill (Millie Hemphill)

Ted Hemphill (Millie Hemphill)

Dr. Bruce Hillner (Austin and Connor Harrison)

Megan and Bobby Hobbs (Anabelle Hobbs)

Catharine Ingersoll (Alice Ingersoll)

Robin and Chris Jay (Oren Seymour)

Jared Jenkins and Katie Ryan (Wallace Jenkins)

Kathy Jenkins (Wallace Jenkins)

Lauren and Jeff Kozak (Wesley and Ellis Kozak)

Bill and Kathy Kozak (Wesley and Ellis Kozak)

Rissie and Nick Murphy (Liam Murphy)

Cheryl Norland (Emmett Norland)

Brooke and Brendan O’Brien (Grant O’Brien)

Margaret Preston (Arthur Wills)

Dr. and Mrs. John H. Russell

Kimary and Jeff Schatten (Sam and Milo Schatten)

Nathan and Hannah Straub (Henry Straub)

John and Mary Ann Terapane (Riley Terapane)

Drs. Bill and Janet Townsend (Sloane Reid)

David and Sara Whipple (Eli Whipple)

Fred and Louise Whipple (Eli Whipple)

Mike and Karen Wills (Arthur Wills)

Friend – up to $99

William and Jennifer Edwards (Annie Beau Edwards)

Patricia Fox (Oliver Fox)

Elmer and Sue Hodge (Max Napier)

Catherine Jones (Aiden Toomey)

Jane and Terence Ryan (Wallace Jenkins)

Fred and Marggi Seymour (Oren Seymour)

Kathy and Ed Schneider (Anabelle Hobbs)

Mark and Lynn Staples (Theo Singleton)

Margery Stuart (Aurelia Sorber)

Michael and Debra Vigliano (Sam and Milo Schatten)