Honor Roll of Benefactors


Benefactor Level – $1,000+


The Eichholz Family Charitable Trust (Nina Eichholz)

Joe Cantey (Nico and Iris Cantey)

Gordon and Susan Park (Ellis Kozak)

Greg and Elizabeth Raetz (Ford Bissell)

Patron Level – $250 to $999

Martha and Neel Ackerman (Calvin Rhamey)

Megging and Collin Bissell (Ford Bissell)

Kara and Tim Braddick (Hadley and Jay Braddick)

Seth Cantey and Annie Robinson (Nico and Iris Cantey)

Anh and Patrick Eichholz (Nina Eichholz)

Kevin and Amanda Green (Nellie and Cyrus Green)

Brittany and Dan Harrison (Austin and Connor Harrison)

Travis and Debbie Harrison (Austin and Connor Harrison)

David and Krista Jones (Jack and Bennett Jones)

Jan Kaufman and Art Goldsmith

Lexington Animal Hospital (Anna, Danny and Kate Ryan)

Jim and Linda Robinson (Nico and Iris Cantey)

Goosie and Grandiddy Strickler (Nellie and Cyrus Green)

LtCol and Mrs. J. Michael Wills (Arthur and Ada Jean Wills)

Sponsor Level – $100 to $249

Hamzeh Al Qublan and Ghadeer Alshboul (Adam Al Qublan)

Janice Bissell (Ford Bissell)

Richard and Kathleen Braddick (Hadley and Jay Braddick)

Jeff and Teresa Bryant (Scout Bryant)

Coach and Gigi Franke (Hadley and Jay Braddick)

Marianne and Michael Gick (Anna, Danny and Kate Ryan)

Brandi Jane and Jason Graham (Jane Carlisle Graham)

Becky and John Hartsock (Joshua Hartsock)

Megan and Bobby Hobbs (Anabelle and Penelope Hobbs)

Dean and Kelli Kirk (Joshua Hartsock)

William and Kathy Kozak (Ellis Kozak)

Rissie and Nick Murphy (Liam Murphy)

Jeff Rahl and Tiffany Pempek Rahl (Henry Rahl)

Margaret Preston (Arthur and Ada Jean Wills)

Dr. and Mrs. John H. Russell

Grandma and Papa Schneider (Anabelle and Penelope Hobbs)

Friend – up to $99

Karen and Stephen Boaz (Nan and Mary Fraser Boaz)

Richard and Kathleen Braddick (Hadley and Jay Braddick)

Stephen and Linda Brown (Aiden Toomey)

Michael and Lori Green Charitable Gift Fund (Nellie and Cyrus Green)

Hillner Charitable Fund (Austin and Connor Harrison)

Elmer and Sue Hodge (Max Napier)

Catharine Ingersoll (Nora and Alice Ingersoll))

Elaine Lyons (Annalee and Ford Lyons)

Kevin and Marilyn Miller (Madeline Braun)

Robert and Deborah Schlief (Gini Schlief)

Mark and Lynn Staples (Theo and Remy Singleton)