Where Learning Begins Naturally

The mission of Woods Creek Montessori (WCM) is to provide a global education that promotes the development of the whole child in which respect for self, community and the environment are of primary importance. Our philosophy is rooted in the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori.

About Us

Woods Creek Montessori recognizes all children are born with a yearning for self-development and learning. Our hands-on individualized approach to education instills a love of learning and assists children in acquiring the social skills and self-confidence needed to fulfill their potential.

The Classroom

Woods Creek Montessori offers three main groups of classes: Pre-Toddler (1 to 2 years old), Toddler (2 to 3 years old), and Primary (3 to 6 years old).  In addition, WCM hosts after school and summer programs.

Our Staff

The Montessori teacher quietly circulates among the children, presenting a lesson to a small group of children here, guiding a child in her work there, remaining always aware of the happenings in the classroom, always ready to meet the needs of the children.