Our Purpose

Woods Creek Montessori aims to follow in Maria Montessori’s footsteps. We recognize all children are born with a yearning for self-development and learning. Our hands-on individualized approach to education instills a love of learning and assists children in acquiring the social skills and self-confidence needed to fulfill their potential.

We Believe…

that each child is a unique and valuable human being who deserves to be respected for who he or she is at at any given moment in life. Our work with children is based in respect and is enhanced by an atmosphere of mutual trust that develops naturally between people who care about themselves, each other and the greater world.

Our Non-Profit School…

was founded in 1992 by a group of interested parents and community members. Woods Creek Montessori is non-denominational and open to children of all backgrounds regardless of race, gender, religion, and cultural heritage. Financial aid is available to qualified families.