Kroger Rewards for 2014-15

The time has come for the new year of Kroger Rewards. Scan this barcode only once (you don’t have to do this every time you shop!), directly after your Kroger Card, and you will link your Kroger Card to Woods Creek Montessori for the entire 2014-15 school year! It costs nothing, and does not take away from your fuel points. With the points accrued in previous years, we were able to buy the teachers a die-cut machine!

To accomplish this, you can…

  • Print this page and the UPC below and have them scan the paper.
  • Bring up this blog post on your smartphone and have them scan your phone.
  • Visit our Facebook page and look for the Kroger Rewards! app. It is posted there as well, ready to be scanned on your smartphone.

Please share this barcode with your friends and family – anyone who shops at Kroger can be a friend of Woods Creek Montessori! You can even download an entire sheet of barcodes to cut out and pass around your office!

Scan this barcode at the Kroger Checkout to help Woods Creek Montessori!

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