Director’s Parent Letter: Week Ending with November 7th

Dear Parents:

After much reflection and discussion with our lead teachers, we have decided not to hold an open house for parents to observe the classrooms this year. The reason for this departure from our recent practice is twofold. First, given the large number of parents present in the classrooms at one time, group observation has become challenging for all involved. In short, the atmosphere in the classrooms on these group observations days does not accurately reflect the learning environment we wish to showcase to parents. Second, the open house has proven to be an unhappy day for the children whose parents are not able to come.

If you wish to schedule an individual appointment to visit your child’s primary classroom, please contact Kitty or Farishte, and we would be happy to arrange a time when you can observe the classroom. We do not offer parent visit days in the pre toddler and toddler classrooms as we have found that children have a hard time at this age when parents visit their classroom.

This week, we will be sending home tie dye shirts – These shirts have gone through one washing machine cycle, but please be sure to wash them separately at least one more time so the dye does not bleed on your other clothes!

Volunteers Projects

Anyone have a truck who is willing to get some poplar woodchips at Fitzgerald’s in Fairfield and deliver to our pre toddler playground? We will pay for the wood chips in advance – just looking for someone to help us with delivery for our pre toddler playground.

Important Dates:

  • November 9: Board planning retreat
  • November 25: 12:15 closing: If you need care beyond 12:15 this day, please complete form with Misty in the office.
  • November 26-28: Thanksgiving Break – no school.

Please do not hesitate to call me any time at school or on my cell phone (540) 416-3693 if you have any questions or concerns.

Many thanks for your support,

Caroline Russell
Interim Director, Woods Creek Montessori

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